Hires graphics-board for CBM 610/620 and CBM 710/720

The hires graphics-board was provided in an external box (for details see pictures below). It contained a graphic display processor (GDP) from Thomson and 32 KB RAM. Two versions were available :

Version A :
- Resolution 512 * 512 pixel (interlaced)
- Memory for one page
- GDP Thomson EF9365

Version B :
- Resolution 512 * 256 pixel (non-interlaced)
- Memory for two pages
- GDP Thomson EF9366

Version B supports two pages. This means that it is possible to display one page and draw on the other hidden page simultaneously (a kind of double buffering).

If the graphics-board is used with a CBM 6x0, a second monitor is necessary to display the hires graphics. With the CBM 7x0 it is also possible to display the hires graphics on the built-in monitor. In this case it can be selected with a switch if the built-in monitor shall display the hires graphics or the normal screen of the CBM 7x0. This can also be controlled by software with the new BASIC command "display".

The graphics-board expands the CBM 6x0/7x0 with 20 new BASIC commands that can be used to draw points, lines and circles. It is also possible to print text on the hires screen with a simple command. The manual that can be downloaded below describes all new BASIC commands and also contains some example listings. Please note that most pages of the manual are in German language. Only the technical specification of the graphic display processors from Thomson is in English.

Download manual (pdf file)

Download EPROM 324688-01

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