Games for PET and CBM computers

Some time ago I bought a bundle of hardware and software that included several disks with games for PET/CBM-machines. As I do not have the time to sort and try out the files on these disks, I have created disk-images and put them on my homepage for downloading. Unfortunately one disk (disk 5) had some read errors. Therefore I copied all files that were readable to a clean new disk and created an image of this disk afterwards.

When you try out the games, please note that many games require a specific platform. This means that some games only run on older machines with 40 columns (PET, CBM3032, CBM4032) whereas other games require a screen-resolution of 80 columns (CBM8032, CBM8096, CBM8296). The keyboard-layout can also be significant (Graphic- or Business-keyboard). You should be aware of that many games are in German language only.

View content of all disks (alphabetically sorted)

View directory of disk 1
Download disk 1 (8050-format)

View directory of disk 2
Download disk 2 (8050-format)

View directory of disk 3
Download disk 3 (8050-format)

View directory of disk 4
Download disk 4 (8050-format)

View directory of disk 5
Download disk 5 (8250-format)

*IMPORTANT* : You use these games at your own risk. I am not responsible for possible damage done to software or hardware after running these games. Before starting a game on a real machine, you should first try it out with an emulator (e.g. WinVICE).

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